Over the last three years, Trump has made us scoff, shake our heads, and maybe even suffer a little leakage from our tear ducts (ahem—we’re not crying, just…shut up). And he’s spent the last three years defying all attempts to make him seem logical. 

That’s why when he took on straws as his next ridiculous crusade, we got a little…feisty. 

If he’s going to get ridiculous, well, then we’re cranking ridiculous up to 11. Why? Because it’s fun to BS about politics, but none of us should BS about the planet. 

We took all that rage energy and found a creative outlet that makes us laugh, and we hope it’ll make you laugh too.

So have fun being ridiculous with our brand, check out our steel straws (maybe buy a few?), and help us support literally any 2020 candidate who takes the environment seriously.


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