Where is the 10% going?
To the chosen one!  That's not Trump, despite what he may claim.  We mean the Democratic candidate chosen for the 2020 election.

Where do you ship to?
The U.S. at the moment.
Live overseas and want to flaunt your knowledge of international politics while simultaneously voicing your extreme distaste for the current American president?  International shipping coming soon!

Are they dishwasher safe?
Yep! They’re 304 stainless, which is food-grade stainless steel.  We dare any dishwasher to challenge their strength.

What if I want to order in bulk?
Order away!

Why Trump Straws Suck
Let us count the ways...

  1. To start, they’re plastic. And not even hard plastic. Like, Slurpee-straw plastic. (What's so wrong with plastic, you say? Check out our blog article.)
  2. They’re poorly made and have rough edges with little plastic shavings falling off.  As a general rule, we don't condone eating plastic. (If you'd like more information on why not to eat plastic, see this article.)
  3. Not dishwasher friendly. If they don't melt first, the plastic will become brittle over time and break, just making more trash.  You know what they say about not being part of the solution.
  4. They're not recyclable, despite what Trump may claim.  Most recycling facilities will sort them out and throw them away.  Want to be a part of the solution? Buy our stainless steel straws instead.  Those are defs recyclable.
  5. They’re expensive: $15 for 10 plastic straws. That’s like paying $1.50 for a straw at McDonald’s (which we actually think is a great idea; maybe then people would quit using them).
  6. Takes up to 4 weeks (!!) to arrive in the mail to locations in the US. But they’re supposedly made in America? We’re just saying, you can drive from California to New York and back in 1 weekwhere the hell are they making these straws?

(Six. That’s six ways Trump Straws suck, though we could certainly come up with more.)

Steel vs. Plastic

Besides the obviousthat steel would totally win in a duelhere are a few reasons steel is the ultimate straw:

  1. Holds its own against liquids (We’re looking at you, paper straws.)
  2. It's inert - it won't leach chemicals into your drink (don't get us started on endocrine disruptors.)
  3. It's dishwasher safe
  4. Can be recycled repeatedly without compromising quality (But who would want to recycle these beauties, anyway? They’re getting handed down to the grandchildren along with the china.)
  5. Doesn’t get stuck in turtle noses*

*as far as we know. 

Where are they made?
China. For various reasons, mostly: 

1.) Bulk production of steel straws is not available in the U.S. We looked. (And looked, and looked, and looked some more.) The U.S. doesn’t have the infrastructure to support production of this type. If you know where they’re available stateside at a competitive price, please let us know! info@bsstraws.com

2.) We’re not against a global economy, and we believe it’s good form to play well with your neighbors.

What is your return policy?
What, you don't like our stuff?  We have the best stuff.  The greatest stuff!
But in all seriousness, we accept returns within 30 days of the purchase date.  Check out the process here.